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Thursday 17th June was a very important day fot St.Pat's.This was the date our Hurling team played in the Final of the School's Hurling Competition.To honour the occasion every class went to the "Swamp'' to support our team against a fancied Furbo side.It was a beautiful day as the sun shone brightly.However,the wind coming in from the Atlantic brisk--ideal for boating and wind-surfing but problematic when hurling.

Referee,Jerry Spellman threw-in the sliotar at 11 o' clock.Both teams completed with gusto from the start and the clash of ash could be heard.Furbo launched the first attack and scored the opening point two minutes into the game.From the puck-out,St.Pat's launched their first attack which resulted in their firstpoint being registered by Sean Burke.It was obvious that the wind which was helping St.Pat's in the first half was going to have an influence on the game.One encouraged,as in the eight minute Sean Joyce scored a brilliant goal.This was followed by three unanswered points sloted over by Eoin Power,Sean Joyce and Sean Burke.The score at half time was St.Pat's 1.4:Furbo 0.1.It had indeed been a great half for St.Pat's and supporters on the line were full of confidence having seen their team hurl with such conviction.

As the second half began it was obvious that Furbo was going to try to exact maximum advantage from the strong wind.They began to loft in long ranged shopts,putting huge pressure on our backs.Within 5 minutes,Furboscore their sencond point of the game.Soon after,they scored a goal from a rebound making the score 1.4 to 1.2 with St.Pat's clinging on to an ever decreasing lead.However,St.Pat's continued to defend in a gallant and brave manner.Goal-keep Liam Power was magnificent and carried off a number of spectacular saves.Furbo attacked in waves and scored another point from long distance.This narrowed the gap to a single point and the tension was unbearable.Then Furbo missed an easy chance and St.Pat's breathed a sigh of relief.Then,against the run of play,St.Pat's launched a promising attack but were unlucky to miss out on a score as the sliotar went narrowly wide.With just a few minutes left we wondered if our lead of a single point would last.From the puck-out Furbo has several chances to win but brave defending by St.Pat's kept them at bay.In a welter of excitement,the referee blew whistle.It was a draw.There would be twenty extra minutes-ten minutes a half.Though our players were tired ,they were priming themselves for the extra test of their stamina.As in the first half of this Final,St.Pat's again began with the wind at their backs.Within two minutes.Pat's had won a free which was tapped over by Sean Burke.Then St.Pat's missed a sidelinecut by a whisker.From the puck-out,Furbo fought their way up field and scored a point to level matters once more,at 1-5 to 1-5.The intensity of this game had supporters of botteams on their toes.When St.Pat's next attacked the Furbo goal,out supporters went wild when Conor Elwood scored a brilliant point putting St.Pat's into a one point lead.The score was now St.Pat's 1-6: Furbo 1-5.

As the second-half of Extra time began,we knew that St.Pat's would be under extreme pressure once more.However,we knew also that our players would fight like tigers to defend the slender lead they held.But try as they might,our defence could not prevent Furbofrom blasting home a goal.They soon followed with a point making the score score 2-6 to 1-6.We knew we were in trouble but our players kept trying.Furbo added another point from a free and this in fact was the last score of the game.The Final score was Furbo 2-7: St.Pat's 1-6.

It was a reall fantastic game.Both teams were a credit to their respective schools.Our boys in paticular displayed great determination and we are extremely proud of them.We congratulate them for representing St.Pat's with honourand distinction.We thank teachers Mr.E.Walsh,Mr.G.Walsh and Mr.Holland who guided and managed this fine hurling team this year.Míle Buíochas do gach duine.

Copyright 2011 St. Patrick's School Galway
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