School Rules

Rules and Regulations:
St. Patrick's Boys' Primary School
Lombard St. Galway

Health and Safety:
Pupils must always behave in a way that never endangers the Health and Safety of any person in the School.

In particular:
Pupils must at all times take reasonable care to ensure their own safety and that of others. 
Pupils must not leave the school grounds during the school day without permission from their teacher. They may on occasion go up town for lunch if they are accompanied by a parent. Pupils who have to leave school for an appointment must bring a signed note from their parents/guardians. 
Pupils leaving the school grounds must do so with care and obey the traffic wardens at all times. 
Pupils must obey ALL safety instructions given to them by the School staff. Under on circumstances may they slide on banisters, climb walls or roofs. 
Pupils must not interfere with safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and hose reels. 
Pupils should not litter their classroom or School grounds as this can be a serious hazard as well as being unsightly.
The wearing of finger rings, earrings are considered unnecessary and potentially hazardous especially during play periods and so are forbidden.

School Rules
1. Entry to School:
Pupils enter and leave the School premises by the gates and doors designated for them.
The school day is from 9.00 a.m. to 2.40p.m. Any child who arrives in school before 9.00 a.m. will not be supervised. 
To ensure maximum safety pupils are expected to enter and leave the premises in an orderly manner. Cycling is not permitted in the yard.
No student will remain in the school premises or schoolyard when school is over unless they are present for some supervised activity. 
2. School Uniform and Appearance:
All pupils are expected to attend school wearing the uniform and to be neat and tidy in appearance. On P.E. and swimming days the school tracksuit should be worn instead.
3. Attendance and Punctuality:
All absences must be explained in writing on the day the student returns to school. If a student is to be absent for more than one school day parents should contact the school secretary by telephone. If an appointment with a doctor or dentist etc. is to be arranged it should, where possible, be arranged after school time.
Persistent poor attendance will be notified to the proper authorities.( The Education Welfare Board.) Under the Education Welfare Act, schools are obliged to notify the Board when a pupil is absent for 20 school days or more. 
Lateness will not be tolerated. Persistent lateness will result in parents being asked to come to school to discuss the situation with the Class Teacher or Principal.
4. Books and Equipment for Classes:
The Department of Education and Skills has discontinued its Book Grant Scheme for necessitous children. Nevertheless the School will do its best to accommodate genuine cases of hardship from its own resources.
5. Classroom Behaviour:
A very high standard of behavior is expected from all pupils in class. Pupils must sit in the seat assigned to them by the teacher and should enter and leave the classroom in an orderly manner. Any pupil who is interfering with or disrupting the smooth running of the class and is preventing other students from receiving their education to which they are entitled, will be dealt with according to procedures as laid down in the School Code of Discipline and Behaviour.
6 Homework:
Homework, whether written or oral must be done. Any student who fails to produce homework on the day must produce a letter of explanation from his parents to his class teacher. Persistent refusal to produce work will be reported to parents and parents will be contacted as in any other case of misbehaviour. Parents should familiarize themselves with the level of homework and each student should have school journal or note book in which he records such homework. Parents are asked to sign this journal each evening.
7. Respect for Teachers and other staff:
All staff are to be treated with respect and courtesy. Any showing of disrespect will be recorded by the class teacher and dealt with as appropriate. A serious view will be taken of any instance where a pupil uses abusive language, cheeky remarks or insolence to a teacher. Teachers must be addressed in the school as Ms., Mrs., Mr., Brother, Sister or Sir as per teacher’s preference. A student must never argue with a teacher. It is quite possible to put forward a point of view without being cheeky.
Confrontation with a teacher in class and the disruption caused as a result will be dealt with as a serious matter. 
Pupils are expected to treat teachers and other staff with normal respect and courtesy when they see them outside of the school.
8. Respect for other pupils:
All forms of bullying or intimidation will be dealt with firmly by the school. Any pupil being bullied should inform class teacher or Principal or Deputy Principal. Any student who knows of incidents of bullying should also do the same. Remember there are no silent witnesses to bullying. It is school policy to act immediately on receiving information on bullying. In cases of serious bullying the Board of Management also will be informed and sanctions will be imposed as laid down in the School’s Anti Bullying Policy.
9. Respect for School property:
The school management has a policy of keeping all property in the school clean, painted regularly, desks in a good safe repair and it expects students to be appreciative of the standards shown by this environment. Any damage or graffiti caused to property will result in the pupil’s parents being informed.
10. General
Eating snacks etc., may only take place during break periods. Pupils are asked to tidy an area which has been littered. Parents are asked to remind their sons of the necessity to keep litter and waste to the minimum. What is brought to school in the lunchbox and is left over must be brought home in the lunch box. 
Chewing is not allowed either in the School buildings or grounds.
Smoking in the school grounds is not allowed any time. The use of alcohol or other illegal substances is strictly forbidden.
Students are reminded that their conduct to and from school is as important as within the school. Any misbehaviour while in school uniform will be acted upon.
The use of mobile phones in the school premises or on the school premises is strictly forbidden.
Mobile phones must be switched off on entering the school grounds. If a phone sounds or is being uses it will be temporarily confiscated and may only be recovered by a parent. 
The Principal reserves the right to suspend pupils (with the permission of the Board of Management) for serious misbehaviour and bullying incidents and where he feels that the overall tone of the school is affected.
The School reserves the right to amend or add to the school rules as becomes necessary.

Copyright 2011 St. Patrick's School Galway
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